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Medium Manganese Steel

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In order to solve the problem of wear resistance of high manganese steel workpieces in service under medium and low stress, my country started the development of medium manganese steel in the 1970s. By reducing the Mn content, the stability of the austenite of the manganese steel is reduced, and the work hardening ability under the medium and low stress conditions is accelerated, and the improvement of the wear resistance is promoted. In the 1980s, the addition of Cr, Ti, Nb, RE and other alloying elements to medium manganese steel appeared one after another. The addition of alloying elements further optimizes the properties of medium manganese steel and broadens the application range of medium manganese steel. Among them, Jilin University of Technology uses Nb and N to treat the medium manganese steel to precipitate NbN on the austenite and further improve the wear resistance of the medium manganese steel.

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